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Advanced Technology Solutions and Services in Agriculture

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Semantic Technologies And Agritech Services Pvt. Ltd.

We are Innovators in The World of Technology Solutions and Services in Agriculture

We use Real Time Big Data Analysis, Digital Technology, GIS Mapping combined with Satellite/Drone Imagery, Remote Sensing and Weather Data to create innovative products.

We provide advanced technology solutions to monitor crop health, estimate crop yield, perform end-to-end digital Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs), Smart Sampling and also use Satellite/Drone data for Crop Loss Assessment.

We are a group of young and talented agriculturists, remote sensing, GIS, agri-insurance and IT professionals with groundbreaking ideas that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow.

Our smart solutions are useful for farmers, agribusinesses, insurance/re-insurance companies and government departments.

We Encourage Precision Farming to Farmers Groups, with the help of our Technology driven Services based on

  • Digital village maps
  • Mobile App based farmer advisory
  • Soil profile and ground truth data
  • Satellite / Drone images

Our Vision

Take precision farming technology to the farmgate to empower all (small) farmers

Our Mission

Promoting use of technology on the farms to optimize use of resources and maximize productivity in a sustainable manner
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