Key Management Personnel

Advanced Technology Solutions and Services in Agriculture

Member Richard Muldoone
Pradip Patil
Chief Executive Officer

Pradip Patil

A Post Graduate in Agriculture and Remote Sensing, with over 20 years experience in Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra.

Played a key role in preparation of Project Implementation Plan for World Bank assisted Project. Coordinated several stakeholder consultations, negotiations with the World Bank Team, liaison with the State Government and the Department of Economic Affairs of the Govt. of India.

Responsible for formulation and implementation of business plan of the company providing technology driven services to stakeholders in agriculture value chain.

Member Richard Muldoone
Kiran Prajapati
Sr. Data Scientist
Member Maria Andaloro
Ashutosh Pawar
GIS & RS Head
Member Marian Chris
Chandan Lad
Sr. Manager
Member Jack Mudson
Amit Jagadale
Software & IT Head